DDS3 - Deep Diagnostic System

Specialized for the hydropower sector

Minimize maintenance time

Huge maintenance cost savings

Comes with full analysis platform

Entire pipeline accurate inspection

Corrosion quantification and ISO9712 Certification

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Deep Diagnostic System


  • Designed to be transported by two individuals
  • Adjustable height for duct diameter (from 50 to 250cm)
  • 40 / 53kg weight (disassemblable into two modules)
  • 2 x 1080px underwater navigation cameras
  • 3 x 1500lmn underwater navigation lights
  • Fiber optic cable capable of potentially extending up to 20km
  • 100cm length x 45cm width

Digital Platform

Digitise your plant fleet to ensure maximum control over each of your pipelines.

  • Data Analysis
  • Panoramic inspection of the entire data network
  • Custom-tailored pipeline segmentation

Add Ons

  • 4 x 5Mhz ultrasonic transducers
  • 360° underwater laser scanner
  • 4k underwater stereo camera
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Deep Diagnostic system

Robot inspection
Diagnostic Platform
A.I. works
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Specialized for hydroelectric pipelines
Pipe type
Different optional for pipelines size and complexities

Digital Platform

DDS3 in action
Slopes up to 60 degrees
Pressure up to 70 bar
Potential to cover distances of up to 20km
Thickness measurements and 3D analysis of structures
Corrosion quantification and ISO9712 certification

Specialized for hydroelectric pipelines

We develop cutting-edge DeepTech products for the hydropower sector, aiming to be the top choice for companies looking to enhance sustainability and minimize waste.

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