Be predictive. Ensure your future.

Save money in pipelines Operations & Maintenance with a proactive approach.

PipeIn increases pipeline life up to 20% and reduces the risk of failure by up to 14%. The most versatile, automated choice that ensures personnel safety.


Average life of the pipelines


Unplanned costs

An integrated solution


Shark4 is an autonomous robotic probe that scans tubes from the inside. The device adapts to the inner wall of the pipe and simultaneously measures all parameters.


SeeHorse SeeHorse aggregates data from inspections with data already owned by the customer and indicates the exact time to perform maintenance work. If data are not available, specific IoT sensors will be installed.

Predictive maintenance ensures the future of natural resource transmission facilities and guarantes the sustainability of the Italian and European energy system.


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Renewable energy sources are essential to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, a Goal set by the EU. Hydropower is the main source of renewable energy in the world.

The numbers of hydroelectric in Italy: represents the 40% of electricity produced from renewable sources, 75 years average age of the plants.

By 2030 more than 50% of hydroelectric plants will have to be renewed. A technological revolution is already underway and we are part of it.


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Water is a precious resource. In Italy, 40% of drinking water is wasted due to leakages along the network that runs from the water sources in the mountains to city users.

In fact, more than 60% of the pipes that make up the national network were laid over 30 years ago and with today's replacement rates it would take over 250 years to replace the entire network.

PipeIn intends to solve this problem by radically changing the approach to the maintenance of this infrastructures.

Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas represents more than 50% of the energy produced annually in the world. It is therefore essential to optimize transportation to avoid environmental disasters and waste of natural resources.

The failure of a Oil&gas pipeline can lead to the leakage of hundreds of thousands liters of oil causing damage to the environment and wasting energy leading to the emission of tens of tons of CO2.

PipeIn addresses the problem of maintenance with a predictive approach.


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Hydrogen will be a key vector to enable the energy transition to cleaner sources. The enormous growth in investment in this sector shows that this is the new global energy frontier. The estimated growth is exponential: 4 times the current volume in the next 10 years and more than 12 times in the next 20 years.

In this sector there are no solutions that allow to identify independently the problem of steel ductility reduction (embrittlement). Add to this the high technological complexity of the infrastructures, which will lead to huge network Operations&Maintenance costs.

PipeIn provides a solution that allows to measure the degradation of the pipeline health status and to predict its future evolution.

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