Shark4 makes companies save money and ensure their future

The Shark4 is an automated device that is inserted inside the pipes and is equipped with sensors that allow a complete analysis of the health status of the pipeline.


Shark4 can easily integrate different types of sensors


Shark4 enables standardized testing campaigns


The Shark4's design allows it to easily overcome manholes, restricted access points and obstacles (e.g., butterfly valves)

Inspection speed

Shark4 completes the inspection of a 1 km long pipeline in less than 6 hours

Data collection

Shark4 collects data that is then analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithm

The best modular rover for confined space inspection

Tech specs

Diameter range



820 m

Thickness sensors

Ultrasonic transducer complying with UNI ISO 9712


60 bar

3D scanning

Accurate laser scanner measurements

CCTV camera

Submersible cameras for high resolution videos

Pipein personnel have the required certifications and equipment to work inside confined spaces

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